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Every holiday season, people around the country face the same dilemma: what gifts should I get this person? Good gift giving skills will form over years of practice, but not everyone has that kind of time. For those who are still in the process of building those skills, this list is for you. Here is a list of top amazon gifts for the woodworker in your life.

Stocking Stuffers:

Bench Dog Bench Cookies

This stocking stuffer can come in handy on many occasions. Something like work grippers, these cookies raise up workpieces for easy edge finishing. They allow the user to rout, sand, cut and carve without using clamps.

3M 6500 Respirator

You may need to put this in the stocking first for it to fit, but it will be a pleasant surprise at the end of gift opening! The respirator’s face-seal provides durability and comfortability, as well as comes with a quick latch mechanism that allows the user to drop the respirator down from the face without needing to remove head straps.

Grr-Rip Block

This stock stuffer is not only a huge help with woodwork, but it also keeps your woodworker safe. This safety device makes cutting easier on the table saw, jointer or bandsaw. It is designed with an auto-retracting heel technology that hooks to the tail-end of the workpiece board. The Rip Block was created with proprietary green GRR-RIP for an extreme hold.

Rockler Glue Brush

This stocking stuffer will be used more often than imagined and will help keep the messes to a minimum. With a seven inch handle, there aren’t many places that can’t be reached with this glue brush. The tapered end spreads glue well, and the silicone design allows an easy clean-up.

Bigger Gifts:

WolfCraft Right Angle Clamp

All woodworkers come across an issue of the right angle in their career span. So this year, why not provide a solution to any issues that could involve right angles. The WolfCraft clamp is excellent for making box-frames and cabinets. With a five-year manufacturer warranty, this clamp could prove to be a useful long-term gift.

3M Worktunes

This gift is perfect for the woodworker who loves podcasts or music. While there is an enjoyment that comes from the sound of sanding wood down, sometimes listening to your favorite podcast at the same time can provide an added element to a favorite project.

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System

Consumer reviews point to the Kreg K4 system as the top choice for those using pocket hole joinery methods. The system features removable drill guides to guarantee the right tool is being used, and it comes with a drill guide block to act as another repair tool. It requires no math, no glue, and no set of clamps.

Portamate Wall Mount Wood Storage Rack

You can’t go wrong with the Portamate storage rack. Every woodworker will have excess wood at some point in time, and opening this gift during the holidays will give them the perfect solution for their wood storage.

RIDGID Oscillating Spindle Sander

If you are going to sand, why not use a machine to get it done faster and easier? On top of the decrease in the effort needed to sand a project, the spindle sander offers tool free conversion from belt to spindle sander, as well as on-board accessory storage; and if that doesn’t sell you, the lifetime service agreement that comes with registration just might.

RIDGID Gen5X 5 PC Combo Kit

If you are going to purchase a drill or driver for your woodworker this year, there is no need to look at anything other than this combo kit. It is durable and powerful for maximum performance, delivering an impressive 2000lbs of torque. Its design also allows for an easy, portable use.

Quick Release Workbench Vise

When it comes to woodworker gifts, this one is the hands-down top-buy. After a quick and easy installation, the owner of this gift will never find themselves needing an extra pair of hands again.