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In the creative fields such as architecture, interior design, and upholstery, sometimes the traditional business networking tips just won’t cut it. As a creative professional, it’s a must to be as imaginative as possible with your brand and your networking skills to attract other industry creatives such as yourself. Try the following three networking tips that will help launch you from a networking business professional to networking creative business professional.  

Do Away with the Traditional Social Networking Platforms

When it comes to doing business, LinkedIn and Twitter are the defacto social media platforms professionals often turn to when interacting with other industry professionals. Although these platforms are great for the business side of your endeavors, what about the creative side?

Show off your creative juices with image-based social media platforms! Let your interior design work shine through on Instagram or Pinterest, where a photo can say much more than a limited-character social media post. These platforms also make your post (and your profile!) easily searchable for other professionals, where the keywords and hashtags make the platforms mini-search engines themselves. You can also utilize Behance, which acts as an online portfolio for graphic designers, marketers, and architects alike.

Although LinkedIn and Twitter are great for finding and growing your clientele for your business, image-based profiles can encourage partnerships among fellow industry professionals you would have never imagined before.

You’re a Creative, so Get a Creative Business Card

In the creative realm, it’s always okay to go outside of the box. Stand out at networking events with a unique business card that look (and even feel) like it’s a work of art. Play around with its structure, where you could create a business card in the shape of a house or even an interactive foldable business card that turns into a chair. You can also use different textures such as wood or leather.

Always Be in the Know of Industry Events

As a professional in the upholstery and design field, I always make it a point to attend the Architectural Digest Home Show every year, where I have an opportunity to see upcoming trends in the interior design, architecture, and fabrication. The event allows me to connect with industry professionals to create partnerships, learn new techniques, and reconnect with old friends and colleagues. If you’re involved in any of these creative fields mentioned above, you might want to attend one of the following networking events that involve architecture, interior design, furniture fabrication, and more.