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Now that Spring has finally sprung, you’re most likely itching to get that spring cleaning done as soon as possible. Here are some helpful tips on the most effective ways to spring clean.


This is perhaps the easiest thing to start off with for spring cleaning. It may sound silly but go through your clothes and bring the workout gear to the front of the closet and bring the brighter colors along with that workout gear. Start deep cleaning your entire kitchen, the pull the clutter out of each room until you’ve gotten to a point where you can start deep cleaning those as well.

Bring in the Plants

Get three new pots and green plants. This will help refresh the energy of the space in your home and it symbolizes a “new beginning” energy. If you’re going to place any of the plants in the kitchen area, go for something such as basil, rosemary, or mint.


Dust is a tricky thing to have in your house. Use this time to get rid of all the dust you can in your home. The dust can create, in feng shui, stagnation which is the opposite of flow and circulation. The latter two items are said to bring health and prosperity. Washing the windows in your house can also lead to providing a fresh perspective on life.

Mind Your Money

Money is not something a person normally thinks about when spring cleaning rolls around but spring is said to be a season of action. As such, start thinking about new ways to organize, invest, or save your money. A budget is something that is a great idea to come up with to set yourself up for the rest of the year.

Clean Up Online

Another area most people don’t visit during spring cleaning is their online homes. With the rapid change in technology, the internet is another “home” of sorts. During this time, you can freshen up your online profiles, add some new pictures, tweet more often, or even go through the dreaded task of cleaning out your inbox.